In Press


Human Movement 19 (1) 2018

Krystyna Zatoń, Izabela Cześniewicz, Stefan Szczepan
The effect of verbal feedback on biomechanical performance during swimming ergometry
Krzysztof Pezdek
Considering values in the sport experiences of wheelchair basketball players
Judith Jimenez-Diaz, Maria Morera-Castro, Walter Salazar
The contextual interference effect on the performance of fundamental motor skills in adults
Janusz Jaworski, Michał Żak, Grzegorz Lech, Przemysław Bujas, Stanisław Żak, Dariusz Tchórzewski
Somatic and functional compensations in junior badminton players
Lee Pote, Candice Christie
A novel intervention program (CricFit) for the strength and conditioning of adolescent cricket players
Ali Md Nadzalan, Nur Ikhwan Mohamad, Jeffrey Low Fook Lee, Chamnan Chinnasee
Relationship between Muscle Architecture and Badminton Specific Physical Abilities
Anastasia-Evangelia Afthentopoulou, Fotini Venetsanou, Aikaterini Zounhia, Konstantinos Petrogiannis 
Physical activity, motor competence and perceived physical competence: What is their relationship in children aged 6-9 years?
Gilmara Gomes De Assis, Tatiane Alves da Silva, Paulo Moreira Silva Dantas
Dual-task exercise as a therapy for executive motor function in Parkinson’s disease
Alexandre Barbosa, Edgar Vieira, Michelle Barbosa, Ilha Gonçalves, Marcela Damazio, Bárbara Badaró
Gluteal activation and increased frontal plane projection angle during a step-down test in young healthy women
Victor Hugo Alves Okazaki, André Luiz Félix Rodacki 
Basketball jump shot performed by adults and children