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Human Movement 19 (2) 2018

Raymundo Pires-Júnior, Diogo Henrique Constantino Coledam, João Paulo de Aguiar Greca, Gustavo Aires de Arruda, Marcio Teixeira, Arli Ramos de Oliveira
Physical Fitness and Health-Related Quality of Life in Brazilian adolescents: A cross-sectional study
Andreia Pelegrini, Andre de Araujo Pinto, Edio Luiz Petroski
Agreement between the body mass index and the sum of skinfolds in adolescents with different physical activity levels and body fat
Agata Nowak, Marina Schoemaker
Psychometric properties of the Polish version of the Motor Observation Questionnaire for Teachers (MOQ-T)
Bruno Secco Faquin, Cristiane Regina Coelho Candido, Luis Mochizuki, Victor Hugo Alves Okazaki
Effect of visual and vestibular information on spatial perception on gait
Christopher Kirk
Does Anthropometry Influence Technical Factors in Competitive Mixed Martial Arts?
Magdalena Gruszczyńska, Monika Bąk-Sosnowska, Ryszard Plinta
The mountain bike athletes health behaviors in amateur sports
Samo Rauter, Milan Coh, Janez Vodicar, Milan Zvan, Jozef Simenko, Lukasz Szmajda, Krzysztof Mackala
Analysis of reactive agility and change-of-direction speed between soccer players and physical education students
Vasiliki Manou, Athanasios A. Dalamitros, Kellis Spiros
Variations in important aerobic fitness parameters and physical characteristics during two consecutive preseason periods in adolescent soccer players
Taís Feitosa da Silva, Ana Carla Lima de França, Marizângela Ferreira de   Souza, Alexandre Sérgio Silva
Single session of active video game promotes post-exercise hypotension in hypertensive middle-aged subjects
Alexandre Carvalho Barbosa, Leonardo Intelangelo, Diego Bordachar, Ingrid Fernandes, Denise Cardoso, Ilha Fernandes, Wyngrid Porfirio, Diogo Felicio
Validity and reliabilty of anchored non-modified sphygmomanometer test to assess shoulder strength during scaption, internal and external rotation 
Nelson Alexandre Moretto, Alexandre Jehan Marcori, Victor Hugo Alves Okazaki
Contextual interference effect on acquisition, retention and transfer of sport rifle shooting