In Press

Human Movement 18 (2) 2017

Fabio Marzliak Pozzi de Castro, Rodrigo Aquino, Jose Artur Berti Junior, Luiz Guilherme Cruz Goncalves, Enrico Fuini Puggina
Strength training with vascular occlusion: a review of possible adaptative mechanism
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0010
Mari Stenman, Arto J. Pesola, Arto Laukkanen, Eero A. Haapala
Effects of two-week high intensity interval training on cognition in adolescents – randomized controlled pilot study
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0019
Roland van den Tillaar, Erna von Heimburg 
Comparison of different sprint training sessions with assisted and resisted running: effects on performance and kinematics in 20 m sprints
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0013
Ryszard Błacha, Agnieszka D. Jastrzębska
Accuracy of force repeatability in relation to its value and subjects’ sex
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0017
Viviane Derhon, Rafael Aparecido Santos, Michelle Brandalize, Danielle Brandalize, Luciano Pavan Rossi
Intra and inter examiner reliability in angular measurements of the knee using a smartphone application
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0011
Adam Michał Szulc
The report and analysis of the First U21 European Deaf Football Championship Men, Wroclaw, Poland 2016
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0015
Rafael Lima Kons, Marina Saldanha da Silva Athayde, Bruno Follmer, Daniele Detanico
Methods and magnitudes of rapid weight loss in judo athletes over pre-competition periods
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0014
Daniel V. Chagas, Luiz Alberto Batista
Comparisons of health outcomes among children with different levels of motor competence
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0018
Wanda Pilch, Łukasz Tota, Ilona Pokora, Mateusz Głowa, Anna Piotrowska, Olga Chlipalska, Roxana Zuziak, Olga Czerwińska
Energy expenditure and lactate concentration in sports dancers in a simulated final round of the standard style competition
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0012
Busaba Schmidt
Factors influencing the effectiveness of campus recreation management: a structural equation model
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0016

Human Movement 18 (3) 2017

Karini Borges dos Santos, Jerusa P. R. Lara, Andre L. F. Rodacki
Reproducibility and repeatability of intracyclic velocity variation in front crawl swimming from manual and semi-automatic measurement
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0020
Viktor Mishchenko, Stanisław Sawczyn, Agnieszka Cybulska, Marcin Pasek
Special training of inspiratory muscles in fitness activities and exercise capacity in young women
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0021
Jarosław Kabaciński, Michał Murawa, Lechosław Bogdan Dworak, Anna Fryzowicz
A comparison of isokinetic knee strength and power output ratios between female basketball and volleyball players
doi: 10.1515/humo-2017-0022